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Furniture Cleaning

Like most things around the home or office, furniture eventually gets dirty. It gets dusty, its colors fade, and it might even start to smell a little. But that isn’t grounds for replacement. Your furniture just needs the care of an experienced professional cleaning company.

Sunshine International of Savannah Inc.’s trained technicians have the skill and experience to treat all types of home or business furniture. From fabric couch cleaning to leather sofa cleaning, we’re here for your peace of mind. Our organic solutions gently remove stains, bacteria, and allergens from your fabrics. Enjoy visible results that last.

Learn more about our process and discover why we’re the best furniture cleaning company for your needs!

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Why Does Your Furniture Smell Bad?

There are several reasons why your furniture might start to emit unpleasant odors. One common cause is the accumulation of dust and dirt over time, which can trap smells from pets, food, and even the environment.

Spills and stains that aren’t properly cleaned can also lead to mold and mildew growth, contributing to a musty aroma. Furthermore, body oils and sweat absorbed by fabric or leather materials can break down and produce an odor.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help eliminate these issues and keep your furniture smelling fresh.

Experience the Difference of Professional Furniture Cleaning

Over time, furniture collects dust, allergens, and other microscopic contaminants that can impact the ambiance and healthiness of your living space. While everyday cleaning can make a difference, there’s a pristine level of cleanliness that’s almost impossible to attain without professional expertise and specialized supplies.

Our qualified experts harness advanced upholstery cleaning techniques and top-tier solutions to breathe new life into your furniture. Feel the textures become plush and inviting, witness the colors brighten and flourish, and embrace an ambiance that exudes freshness when you work with our team to freshen your furniture.

You deserve more than just superficially clean furnishings—give us a chance to earn your business, and you will see why it’s hard to compete with the results of our professional touch.

All-in-One Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

We understand that every home or office is furnished with a unique blend of furniture, each piece possessing its own material, structure, and sentimental value. Our team is trained to handle an extensive array of furniture types, meaning you can always feel confident when we’re on the job.

Here are some of the types of furniture we commonly clean:

  • Sofas and couches
  • Armchairs
  • Ottomans and footstools
  • Tables
  • Dining chairs and bar stools
  • Office chairs and desks
  • Dressers
  • Beds
  • Antique furniture
  • …and more!

If you have a particular piece of furniture that you would like to discuss cleaning with our staff, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information about how we can be of service.

Your Cherished Items Are Safe with Our Furniture Cleaning Services

With Sunshine International of Savannah Inc., the safety and preservation of your furniture isn't just a promise but our topmost priority. Our team of professional furniture cleaners is meticulously trained not only in advanced cleaning techniques but also in the art of handling various materials with the utmost care.

Each piece of furniture, whether an heirloom passed down through generations or a modern statement piece, receives personalized treatment based on its unique characteristics. With the aid of cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents, we ensure a thorough yet gentle cleanse that leaves your items in pristine condition without causing any wear or damage.

Don’t Waste Time Cleaning Furniture

Imagine the countless hours you might spend trying to scrub, wash, and refresh furniture, often with less-than-perfect results due to a lack of professional equipment and solutions. By hiring our furniture and sofa cleaning company, you're not just ensuring that your furniture gets the premium treatment it deserves, but you're also reclaiming precious hours and saving substantial effort.

Our specialized team, equipped with advanced tools and knowledge, can efficiently and effectively renew your furnishings in a fraction of the time, freeing you to focus on more important or enjoyable pursuits. Let us handle the hard work while you relish the luxury of effortlessly maintained furniture.

How Long Does Furniture Take to Dry After Cleaning?

The drying time for furniture can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of fabric, the cleaning method used, and air circulation in the room.

Generally, it takes 2-6 hours for furniture to dry completely after a professional cleaning. However, some fabrics may take longer to dry, especially if they are heavily soiled or have thick padding. To speed up the drying process, we recommend turning on fans or opening windows to allow for better air circulation.

Avoid using your furniture until it is completely dry to prevent re-soiling or damage.

See Our Furniture Cleaning for Yourself

While we can talk endlessly about the expertise and precision our team brings to furniture cleaning, there's nothing quite like witnessing the transformation for yourself. With this in mind, we invite you to explore our cleaning photo gallery. We believe that our attention to detail and professional talents are on full display in the evidence of our past work.

Why Choose Organic Cleaning Solutions for Furniture?

When it comes to cleaning your furniture, there are many options available in the market. However, choosing organic solutions can have several benefits for both you and the environment.

Organic solutions use natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals, making them safe for use around children and pets. They do not contain harsh chemicals or toxins that can harm your health or pollute the environment.

Additionally, organic solutions are biodegradable, meaning they break down easily without leaving behind harmful residues. This is especially important if you have a septic system at home or if you care about reducing your carbon footprint.

Moreover, organic solutions are gentle on your furniture’s fabric and can effectively remove dirt, stains, and odors without causing any damage. This helps extend the life of your furniture and keeps it looking clean and fresh.

Sunshine International of Savannah Inc.: Personalized Furniture Cleaning

We begin each project with a thorough examination of your upholstered furniture. What do we look for? The type of fabric, levels of dirt accumulation, stains, rips, pulls, and other damages. After our inspection, we develop a plan that minimizes damage to your furniture while maximizing results.

Each piece of furniture has a unique set of needs. Leather sofa cleaning, for instance, needs a moisturizing coating to restore its natural oils. Some fabric couch cleaning must be done without water to avoid damaging the material. Before we start, we discuss this plan with you because communication is important to us.

Residential Couch Cleaning

Here’s where we get down to business. Using top-of-the-line furniture steam cleaners, we extract dirt and debris from your furniture. Our portable equipment means you don’t have to go anywhere to get the best results imaginable.

Each of our products has been carefully designed to prevent the soapy residue you find with household cleaning products. Since most of our treatments are certified organic, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture is safe for your children and pets.

How Often Should You Get Your Sofa Professionally Cleaned?

The frequency of professional furniture cleaning largely depends on the usage and environment your furniture is in.

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Pets: If you have pets, it’s best to have your sofa cleaned every 3-4 months as they can leave behind pet hair, dander, and odors that can be difficult to remove.
  • Children: Children can also contribute to furniture wear and tear with spills and messes. It's advisable to have your sofa professionally cleaned every 6-8 months if you have young children.
  • Allergies: If you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, it’s important to have your sofa cleaned at least every 6 months to remove any allergens trapped in the fabric.
  • Environment: If your home or office is located in an area with high levels of pollution, dust, or humidity, it’s recommended to have your sofa professionally cleaned more frequently to prevent build-up and maintain its appearance.

Commercial Leather Furniture Cleaner and Stain Removal

Office chairs and leather sofas often take a beating. Grease stains from dirty hands or ink marks aren’t always easy to remove. This is especially true if you’re just using regular fabric couch cleaners. After our thorough cleanse, we go back to tackle the tough spots with targeted spot-cleaning treatments.

Furniture Cleaning that Protects Against Future Damage

Our protective coatings extend the life of your fabric and leather furniture. The fragrance-free formula won’t detract from the comfort of your couch, but it will make a big difference in keeping it safe. Our carefully designed products prevent discoloration and protect against stains. It’s a great investment for your furniture’s future.

Before we finish the job, we’ll look at our work over to make sure no spot escaped our notice. We’ll also invite you to join us in the inspection to guarantee your satisfaction.

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