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What does your carpet cleaning service include or not include?

Remember, not everybody who comes to you with a pickup truck and a machine can clean carpet. There are much more in cleaning carpet than cut prices. Sometimes the price you are quoted initially is not the price you will end-up paying because of other hidden costs. By asking this question, you can protect yourself from these hidden costs.

Basically, your price shoule include the following:-

  • * A free estimate
  • * Travel to and from the job site
  • * A pre-vacuumed carpet, light furniture moving before & after cleaning
  • * Special attention to remove spots or stains. ( some stains may not come out with regular cleaning and may require special care)
  • * Carpet as fresh as rain water & a guranteed satisfaction!

What method of carpet cleaning do you recommend?

There are two primary methods used:

* Hot water extraction & Dry cleaning

Hot water extraction method is recommended by most of the carpet and fiber manufacturers in the world today. They require this method to keep your carpet warranty in effect. Compare this method to washing your greasy dish with soap and then rinsing it with hot water. Unlike Dry cleaning which many compared to wipping your greasy dish with napkins. It may look clean but the smell and residue are still with the dish.

What training have you had in the carpet care & restoration?

You must have heard this phrase before,"all Carpet cleaners are not created equally". It is true today as it was back then. If the carpet cleaning company you choose were unable to tell you the training their techincians and firm had, it is a signal that they do not have it. Our firm and techincians are IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning And Restoration Certification). This is important because during this training, technicians are tought how to identify differnt fibers and the process of cleaning them. Also tought is the ethics in cleaning.

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