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Your Choice for Carpet Cleaning in Savannah, GA

If you’re looking to keep your Savannah home or business looking beautiful year-round, few weekly chores are as necessary as cleaning your carpet. The same properties that make your carpet attractive and comfortable to walk on also make it perfect for trapping dirt, bacteria, and mold under its fibers. So finding an affordable carpet cleaning solution that works for your needs is essential.

Sunshine International of Savannah Inc. prides ourselves on being the absolute best carpet cleaning company this side of Savannah, GA. We don’t stop until you’re satisfied. Our dedicated approach to customer service sets us apart from our competitors and makes us a worthy choice for any home or business owners looking to keep their property clean and attractive.

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Sunshine International has the resources and materials necessary for thorough, effective carpet cleaning. We work meticulously and quickly, ensuring exceptional service with minimal interruptions to life as usual.

We are pleased to provide competitive pricing and free estimates for our services to Savannah clients.

For the best carpet cleaning money can buy, call Sunshine International!

Carpet Cleaning on the Cheap

It’s funny: a lot of home and business owners will spend hundreds—or even thousands, if the building is a multi-story affair—of dollars to outfit their property with durable and beautiful carpets but won’t shell out the $10 a week required to keep it clean year-round.

Some Savannah residents attempt to do the cleaning by themselves, either by hand (an arduous task we don’t recommend you try) or by finding carpet cleaning machines for rent. The thing is, you may save some money by renting carpet cleaning machines, but without experience, odds are you’re setting yourself up for a frustrating cleaning experience.

Why not let our team of experts take care your carpet cleaning for you? We are familiar with all different types of carpets, and have all the products needed to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Carpet sees a lot of traffic, and regular maintenance will ensure carpet performs properly during the longest possible lifespan.

Fresh, clean carpet is often one of the first impressions people have of your Savannah home or apartment. It creates a cozy, welcoming environment all year round.

To receive a free quote for carpet cleaning services, contact Sunshine International today!

Carpet Cleaning Process

Sunshine International’s carpet cleaning services are timely, meticulous, and dependable.

Did you know that your carpet will last significantly longer if it is regularly cleaned and maintained?

Carpet may look clean at first glance. However, it can hide dust, soil and other accumulation. Even a monthly carpet cleaning can drastically reduce the amount of buildup. Your carpet will be as clean as it looks and feels!

We understand that proper carpet cleaning is a significant undertaking that many of us simply don’t have the time for. That’s why we offer our superior carpet cleaning services, so you can focus on other, more important things.

When Sunshine International arrives at your Savannah residence or business, we will begin with a simple inspection. Your cleaner will assess the age and condition of your carpet, including areas that are damaged or severely stained.

A complete vacuuming of the carpet will then be completed. Removing dry soil and dust from your carpet will ensure an easy clean.

We will carefully relocate furniture and other obstacles on your carpet. Our technicians will handle your belongings with care and patience. If you have extremely large and heavy items that are dangerous or impossible to move, they will be worked around.

Using our large range of the finest carpet cleaning products, your carpet will be pre-sprayed, pre-groomed, and pre-spotted. When these things have been completed, it will be time for the hot water extraction.

Your carpet will be briskly flushed, freeing it from remaining dirt and remnants. To ensure that the carpet isn’t left sticky, we will use a pH neutralizer.

By this point, your carpet will be extremely clean—but it will be wet. Carpets take several hours to dry, during which they cannot be stepped on.

This process can be expedited with the use of fans and ventilation systems.

Once the carpet has completely dried, furniture will be returned to its place and your space will be put back together. Your carpet will be as clean and fresh as when it was new.

For Savannah’s best residential or commercial carpet cleaning services, call Sunshine International!

Carpet Cleaning Machines for Rent: Worth the Price?

There are some different machines you can rent from local businesses that will clean a carpet. Some will be much less effective than others, however. If you try to go the DIY rental route, you’ll need to hire both a steam cleaning machine and a carpet shampooer: using one or the other in isolation won’t be enough to loosen tough stains on a wide variety of fabrics.

Before you rent, ask yourself these questions: do you know what material your carpet is made of? Are the fibers synthetic or natural or a mix of both? Are the dyes in your carpet color-safe and at what temperatures?

Using steam cleaning for a rayon fiber rug can be disastrous. Similarly, a carpet shampooer won’t be enough to sterilize cotton-based carpets properly. These mistakes add up to costly problems.

Why not skip the hassle and hire Sunshine International of Savannah Inc. to clean your carpets instead? For just a few dollars per week, we show up with our own equipment, carefully and thoroughly clean and sterilize the carpets in your Savannah home or business, and then go on our merry way.

Sure, our carpet cleaning services may not be cheap, but they are affordable, especially considering the expertise we’ve gained in our years in the business.

Where Can I Find Carpet Cleaning Near Me?

If you want a free estimate or to set an appointment for regularly scheduled carpet cleaning, why not give Sunshine International of Savannah Inc. a call today when you’re on your lunch break? We’ve got the friendly dedicated team that’s ready to meet all your carpet cleaning needs. Call us today!

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